Red Sonja #4 F Jenny Frison Modern Icon Foil Variant


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RELEASES 10/18/23

'In Part Four of 'His Master's Voice-' the battle is met - and it is fierce and bloody! No stranger to the carnage of war- Red Sonja stands with the defenders at the battlements as Thord Varg presses his forces to destroy the She-Devil With a Sword - and every living soul around her. But cruel as he is- Varg's malevolence pales in comparison to the forces of evil that are waiting in the wings! Written by TORUNN GRØNBEKK and illustrated by WALTER GEOVANI- this acclaimed series continues its stellar run of cover artists here with exemplary work from LUCIO PARRILLO- JUNGGEON YOON - JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER- and BJORN BARENDS (along wiht another stunning cosplay cover by Rachel Hollon!)! '

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