Knights Vs Samurai #1


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RELEASES 9/25/24

SERIES PREMIERE Sir Charles Ward- “The Dragon Butcher-” has achieved knighthood- acclaim- and is leading a legion of royal warriors on a noble mission- yet his self-doubt and grief haunt him. Venturing to a mysterious island in the Far East- Charles leads his diverse assembly of fighters (including a giant and two clerics) to seek vengeance against savage monsters who ambushed a group of English missionaries. Arrival on the island reveals that the truth may be drastically different from what Charles was led to believe- and the “savage monsters” he will face are actually a regiment of skillful warriors the likes of which he has never seen.Note from writer DAVID DASTMALCHIAN: Seeing the way FEDERICO MELE has brought these characters from both England and Japan to stunning life as they face off with all manner of Western and Eastern mythological creatures has been an incredible experience. Under the guidance of the great TODD McFARLANE- this journey of magic- warfare- and a search for the truth has been a dream come true. Thanks to my consultant- **THERSA MATSUURA **(of Uncanny Japan)- we will be showing a clash and connection between feudal England and feudal Japan that has never been seen before.

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