Knight Terrors Harley Quinn #2 (Of 2) B Jenny Frison Playin Card GGA Queen Of Hearts Variant


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RELEASES 8/22/23

HARLEY'S SURREAL SLUMBER! What unseen horrors lurk beyond the borders of the known and the klown? A whispered secret from the elbow of a garden gnome- a parking-lot pass that was lost under the antediluvian car seat from hell- and a nihilistic grease trap that does taxes incorrectly--all of these things and more...are not in this comic. It's Harls again! Part two of this story is just as weird and wacked-out to the max as the last one. This time we'll reveal the one true secret origin of Harley Quinn- and I'll go toe-to-toe-to-toe with one of Superman's greatest foes! Plus- my best pals Leah Williams and Ben Templesmith are turning the clocks backward and forward in the conclusion of their chrono-detective cosmic mystery dream story.

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