Harley Quinn #42 Ben Harvey Variant


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RELEASES 7/24/24

Let's be honest; I ain't always the easiest ta get along with. Hey- don't agree so fast! You ain't exactly the bee's knees yerself! Okay- where was I--oh yeah- ON THE RUN! My scientific study on villainous villains has gone all KINDS of wrong- and I've made myself a whole lotta enemies in a real short time: Mistah Freeze! Robin! And worst of all- this new cop Pulaski- who's got a target aimed smack dab at my head. Don't shoot my head- Pulaski! I LOVE my head! And assumin' Pulaski doesn't shoot my lovely head- step inside it for a lovely story about the power of readin' books and why burnin' em is no good (TERRIBLY inefficient as a fuel source)--as brought to you by the librarians who keep kickin' me out of the video section--Joanne Starer and Marcial Toledano Vargas!

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