Harley Quinn #38 Sozomaika Womens History Month Variant


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RELEASES 3/20/24

Rub the sleep outta yer eyebulbs- ya lazy berks! It's the start of a whole new arc of my book- and it's off to a bang! After dealing with multiversal shenanigans for so long- a girl has got to get back to her roots (by which I mean taking her nontalking hyenas on walkies- bagging up their poops- and then having a superbo birthday party with her girlfriend and best pals). It’s the start of a whole new arc! Plus-ola: You like cartoons? I'll give ya some dang goshed toonz! My disbarred personal trainers Brandt & Stein present the Troo Harleywood StoryTM of th' time I got embroiled in a battle of wills and wits with Gotham's foremost high-flyin' kite aficionado Kite-Man!

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