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RELEASES 1/24/24

Written and illustrated by JASON FABOK- GARY FRANK- BRYAN HITCH- GEOFF JOHNS- LAMONT MAGEE- FRANCIS MANAPUL- BRAD MELTZER- PETER J. TOMASI- MAYTAL ZCHUT- and more! A GROUNDBREAKING NEW ERA FOR COMICS- CHARACTERS AND CREATORS LAUNCHES NOW! An all-new powerhouse- creative collective collides into comics with GHOST MACHINE’s 64-page special- introducing its all-new shared universe of strange- fun- exciting and action-packed characters: GEIGER! REDCOAT! ROOK! THE ROCKETFELLERS! AND MANY- MANY MORE! What ties Geiger- Redcoat- Widow X- and the other mysterious- historical heroes of The Unnamed together? Why is Rook the key to saving the war-torn world of Exodus? How will everyone’s soon-to-be-favorite family of the future adapt to a new life in the present? THE STORIES ALL START NOW! CREATORS YOU KNOW. CHARACTERS YOU’LL LOVE. WELCOME TO GHOST MACHINE.

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